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Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur

Wild Berry - Rhubarb - European Custard - Almond Torte- Bourbon
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Inspired by the bohemian, eclectic neighborhood of Montmartre, overlooking the city of Paris, Sacré Coeur is as captivating as it is delectable. Like a great wine, it is two stories in one—pure yet sophisticated, robust yet delicate, complex yet simple. Its initial notes are straightforward and delightful: savory almonds layered with sweet wild field berries, combining to suggest a buttery and nutty fruit torte. But close your eyes and let the subtleties emerge—a hint of aromatic vanilla, a touch of earthy bourbon, an intimation of tart rhubarb. Borrowing from haute cuisine, this creates luscious nuances and an elusive complexity. Feminine in its embrace, Sacré Coeur is an experience to savor—universally delightful and the purest possible expression of pleasure.

30 ML

60 VG/40 PG

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