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ZMAX Mini Variable Voltage

ZMAX Mini Variable Voltage

ZMax Mini Variable Volt APV, Stainless includes 18350 Battery
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This is a variable volt APV made by Smok Tech that takes vaping to the next level.  This is really a variable power mod because you have the option of adjusting either your voltage or your power (watts).  The Zmax Mini adjusts from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in .1 volt increments or 3.0 to 15 Watts in .5 Watt increments.  The ZMax Mini has a stainless steel finish and a maximum output of 4 Amps.  The Rev. 2 the Zmax Mini has one extra menu item (8) which enables you to switch between RMS and mean value voltage monitoring.  The RMS mode is more accurate because it samples the output Voltage repeatedly while it is powering an atomizer or cartomizer.  It is with these measurements that it is able to adjust for heat related Voltage drift.

 The ZMax Mini can read your output voltage, battery voltage and cartomizer atomizer resistance.  This APV does it all. 

In addition, the ZMax Mini has a native eGo style connector that allows you to use both 510 and eGo style cartomizers, atomizers and tanks without adapters.  The eGo style connector does not have outside threads but typical eGo style parts fit flush down into the recess that is around the ZMax Mini connector. 510 Tanks and other similar 510 items will screw in and be almost flush with the top.

The ZMax Mini will accept Flat Top or Button Top IMR 18350 battery. 

Never use non-rechargeable batteries in any deviceOnly use the recommended batteries for this device.

All adjustments and settings are made with the push button switch.  This includes a setting to turn your ZMax Mini off for safe travel in your pocket, bag or purse.

The ZMax Mini includes an instruction manual in English.

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